Law Offices

Miami, Florida

PN+L designed a corporate building directly on US 1, Dixie Highway, a prominent road in Miami, Coconut Grove, Florida.  The design direction of the building evolved from the idea of intersecting shapes and forms, having their own unique textures.  The building also reflects volumes of different weight, the lightest form being the stairwell that intersects the planar facade element and a textured stone wall with an opening, showing layers of contrasting materials.  During feasibility studies, PN+L realized the site was not able to accommodate the required office space with the amount of parking spaces needed, per code.  During program analysis and site studies, PN+L proposed to raise the building so that the required parking space would be added on the site below.  This solution addressed the F.A.R. and green space required by code.  In addition to the exterior building architecture, PN+L provided Interior Design services.  Comprehensive services, from feasibility to design and furniture planning were provided.