Central Bank of Curaçao

Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

The Bank of Curaçao in St. Maarten is currently under construction and slated for completion in early 2017. It consists of an addition, as well as a full renovation to the existing three-story bank building located in Phillipsburg, Curaçao. The St.  Maarten building was gutted, with the shell used as the base for creating a new lobby space, public conference facilities, new office and ancillary central bank functions.  PN+L had gained a basis of knowledge of the bank’s specific needs having previously done the banks main headquarters.  The new addition contrasted from the existing portion of the building with the use of materials. The modern façade and canopy structure show the strength and extension of material limitations with its steel framework.  Inside, the lobby’s three-story open stairway has a backdrop of rainforest green marble.  The main entry lobby finishes are simple in order not to compete with the drama of the new feature wall.  Being a high security bank, the public spaces within the building are separated from other private offices and are limited to the ground floor.  This level houses only those functions that the public can access, such as the waiting room, a large conference room and a clearing room where transactions occur.  The bank will house specialty items as well as showing the history of banking, with vintage coins on display.  The bank will also display many local artists work, contributing to the community’s economy.