The Early Years

Peggy Nye + Lodin`s design style is rooted in a classical modern aesthetic, with the client`s strategic objectives and goals influencing the thought process and overall design outcome. The most appropriate solution is largely influenced by the particular needs of the client, their budget and site + environment constrants. PN+L sensitivity to these factors allows them to create progressive and thoughtful design solutions to meet the client`s needs. The Firm`s direction is engaging and changing with evolving technology and adapting times of the world.

Pre Y2K

Peggy Nye + Lodin’s projects continued to be inspired by a modernist point of view.  Within the set parameters established by many clients, each project developed a multi layered approach to achieving their goals.  During this time, the idea of an office expanded and changed with the technology of the fast-paced computer environment.  Although the projects are varied in scope, the firm’s design style flourished while embracing new trends.  This elevated the firm to be the “go to” company in the corporate, legal and banking fields.

Through the 2000s

Peggy Nye + Lodin`s value as an expert in the interior design and architecture field approached a new level.  The firm continued its goal of providing the best solutions by creating innovative designs for each project.  The firm progressed into new projects for repeat clients in different areas of the world as well.  Many of these clients are still clients today in 2017.  Throughout the industry, PN+L provides a vast knowledge of all aspects of design, meeting the desired results within the budget and timeframe of the client.